Clean up, build

"I live on the west side of Thomasville near Carroll Hill. I think the community needs a clean-up and more homes need to be built."

Nobody asked me

"This is about 'JAG' and 'Judging Amy' being canceled by CBS. Did CBS run a poll to find out how many people wanted it to be changed to a Friday night from a Tuesday night? Most people are out having supper or shopping or doing other things rather than watching TV. CBS should run a poll. Those were good shows and now we are stuck with silly 30-minute sitcoms."

What's honest?

"As a Republican who's spent most of his life as a carpenter and the remainder as a peace officer, I'd like to know what Howard Dean thinks is an honest day's work."

First to worst

"The Atlanta Braves are going nowhere except from first to worst. The offense is anemic and the bullpen stinks and Chipper can't put his pants on without hurting himself."


"I'd like to rave about Chief Sandefur in Cairo. I went to him about a situation and he was very understanding and helpful. Cairo is blessed to have a chief of this caliber."

You must profit

"To the person who's tired of hearing people in Thomasville complain about high gas prices, either you don't care how much money you spend or you don't buy gas in Thomasville. Probably you stand to make a profit from the excessive prices we have to pay."

Too many trucks

"On my way to work Monday at Jackson Street at Dawson Street, it looked like a truck route. There were so many semis and log trucks going through downtown. I thought I took a wrong turn and was on the bypass."

What's the limit?

"How do you know what the speed limit is on Gatlin Creek Road if it is not posted?"

Teach the Bible

"Cindy Christopher is supposed to be a preacher. She should be teaching the Bible -- no sex without marriage -- yet her son-in-law was arrested for child molestation and she supports him."

Abrams right

"God bless Warden Abrams. She did exactly as she should have by not catering to the paper over the sandwich incident."

Reading suggestion

"I would suggest you read John 14:6. The Bible clearly says, 'I am the truth, the way and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.'"

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