“All children should watch the ‘Passion of the Christ.’ They need to see what someone went through to save them."

“Brazil is making ethanol from sugar cane, not corn. This process is cheaper than gas. Making it from corn costs more than gas. We need to invest in sugar cane."

“I voted for George Bush twice, thinking he was a good president in the first term. My family voted for him, and we are disillusioned. We used to have several oil companies. Now we have only seven. Bush should address the high gas prices."

“Where is the love for the TCCHS boys soccer team? Come on now, Clint. I saw you at the girls game. The guys game was right afterward.”

“I think the Thomasville Police Department did an outstanding job in enforcing the no-parking areas at the ball park. What did you expect when you parked right next to the ‘no parking’ sign?”

“What is so wrong with our government wanting to ensure that people who come to this country do it legally?”

“If you are violating the law, whether at a stop sign or a ball park, you deserve a ticket.”

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