“Please donate blood! You or someone you love may need it!”

“I would like to say thank you to the Thomasville Utilities employees for a job well done in this heat. Your efforts are noticed.”

“It's called summer in August, not global warming.”

“Why don't liberals in this country condemn the terrorists who shoot their missiles from residential areas rather than condemn Israelis for defending their home?”

“Before folks start whining about the county 'wasting' money at the football stadium, the light poles that were there were built by the high school's metal working classes, had been there since 1964, and they were getting dangerously rusted. And the new scoreboard was paid for with private money.”

“The county schools have done it again. My understanding is they are putting new lights at the football stadium because the ones they have are obsolete. If they are obsolete, then I want to know why I have heard that they are going to put them on the girls softball field.”

“I’m curious why you have to put the local crime report in the paper. I feel like that is people’s personal business. I mean, there is a privacy act. If people in the area are that nosy, they should go to the courthouse to see what is going on. People’s private business shouldn’t be in the paper.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Criminal charges are a public concern handled by public officials.

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