Use other streets

"If joggers are looking for sidewalks, why don't they use Smith Avenue and Madison Street? It has sidewalks from one end to the other."


"Thank you to DOT workers and Oxford Construction Company for paving Jackson Street. It looks fabulous."

It's parents' fault

"The parents are boycotting the Rose Parade. It's not the Thomasville High School administration. We have parents who are keeping their kids out of the band."

Quick clean up

"Thank you to the city employees who worked hard after the Rosebud Parade to clean up downtown. I know it wasn't a pleasant job, but they were working hard."

Use old Food Lion

"This is in reference to the Rose Show Pavilion. The upper-class people and commissioners did not get their vote in the courthouse and now have gone back to wanting a Rose Show Pavilion built. Who's going to pay for that? You have one already built, wired and air conditioned with a great parking lot. All it needs is a few added restrooms. It's the old Food Lion."

Don't forget Austin

"Randy Young neglected to mention Major Gen. Lloyd Austin III, commanding general of the 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry U.S. Army stationed in Fort Drum, N.Y."

Make demand drop

"Now that OPEC, the oil companies and the U.S. government have seen that people will pay over $2 a gallon for gas, do you think the price will go down? Of course not. We need to cut back and prices will drop when demand drops."

Plan for growth

"The headline story in Friday's paper never explained what type of comprehensive plan this is. You never say. I don't know if it is for waste management, emergency management, building standards, etc."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The plan will address long-range community growth.


"Thanks for printing a daily paper. It's great for lining my cat's litter box."

Great trip

"Cross Creek's field trip to Orlando was great. Mrs. West and Mrs. Mhyre are tops and we appreciate all their hard work. Thanks, too, to all the Cross Creek staff who helped our children have a great experience."

Get over it

"I'm sick of people moaning and groaning about little piddling stuff that won't matter next month. People, get a grip, and build a bridge and get over it."

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