“Did you hear Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez give his speech at the U.N.? I swear he sounded just like the Democrats."

“It's a disgrace how Laurel Hill Cemetery looks. You can't even see the flowers for how tall the grass is."

“I was reviewing the Pigskin Preview. You build Thomas County Central High School up to be like FSU, like they are so big, so bad and tough."

“FSU has been in a slump. Please wake up, coach Bowden. Your son called the same play three times in a row. He must be a red-shirt freshman."

“What a compliment to Conrad Engel to be compared to George Bush. We need more strong men who will stand up for what's right. And, just not saying anything just to have something to say and not being sure of the facts."

“Bobby Bowden is FSU. He is responsible for the ’Noles finishing in the top five 14 years straight. No other school can say that (Yep, that includes the SEC schools). It is time for the bar to be back where he placed it. He owns it to his ‘true’ fans and to all of his players past, present and future.”

“Thanks to Jimmy Mitchell and others for all the hard work with the Thomasville All-Stars youth football league. You all are doing an excellent job. My child has improved 100 percent from last year. Plus, has lost more than pounds.”

“I miss Dr. Rosenblum and his nurse.”

“We don’t want to get rid of the best college football coach ever, but we do want to get rid of his son.”

“You would think someone in the Thomasville City Schools System would be concerned with the condition of the football field.”

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