“Everyone needs to remember two valuable phrases: ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ and ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’”

“I would like thank Randall at Auto Zone for being so kind and helpful to me. Thomasville would be so much better with more young men like him.”

“Thank you to Rick Ivey for voting against adding more administration to the school system. We need more board members with the nerve to take a stand against wasteful spending.”

“Lisa is a blessing at Roses. She is very nice.”

“Finally, an idea for Remington Avenue that is worth studying — bike/walking paths (although I’m pretty sure the city was already looking into this). What we need is paved paths (off road as much as possible so families can use them). Consider along Remington and Covington (linking Cherokee and Remington Parks) between the Thomasville track at Jackson Street and Remington near Kern; etc. Piping ditches will be expensive and planning right of way will not be easy, but worth working on.”

“‘The Laramie Project’ by Thomasville On Stage and Company is truly a masterpiece performance. I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful job each and every performer did. It’s a real credit to this community that we have such talent.”

“If the commissioners want to see what it’s like to work at a crowded location, they should come to where I work. We’re out of room, too, but we can’t raise the prices on the goods we sell just to fund a bigger building. The customer base we serve couldn’t stand it because all you read in the paper is about how gas prices are. It’s good to work elbow to elbow with folks sometimes. It helps you to get to know them better.”

“We were well represented at District II Honors Band. Both county and city middle and high school band students did an excellent job.”

“Kudos to the children and faculty who participated in the quiz bowl in Waycross this past Saturday. They did a marvelous job and displayed excellent conduct at the event. Thomas County is very proud of you.”


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