“Dissent is the voice of conviction from a true American patriot.”

“If you do not like what we as a county are doing in Iraq and if you do not like our president, then please leave!”

“Blind obedience to an administration bent on scaring us sounds more like fascism than patriotism. I believe the Democrats will take Congress back from the ‘Grand Oil Party.’”

“Alabama and Auburn deserve credit and articles in the papers over in Alabama, not in Georgia.”

“After looking at Wednesday's paper, why don't you make Cairo happy and call it the Cairo Times-Enterprise.”

“Charley Reese gives us the most accurate assessment of what’s going on in the Middle East and in the Bush administration. He states the truth.”

“Thank you to Mrs. Choice, Mrs. Flanders and Mrs. Wilson. They are three angels and a god-send to my family.”

“The TV show ‘Coyote Ugly’ is a tramp training video. You have to wonder why kids are so messed up?”

“The children need somewhere to sit when they are waiting for buses and parents to pick them up. The only place they to sit is on the concrete. It’s about to be winter and it’s going to be cold.”

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