Lynn was great

"I'd like to rave about Crista Lynn. She's great and she did a wonderful job here in Thomasville. I hope she comes back."

Vietnam parallel

"Can anyone see the parallels between Vietnam and today? Contractors and big companies are getting rich and fighting men are getting killed. Where is it getting us?"

Keep it up, officers

"Thank you to the officers for coming back to patrol Hambleton Street. The drugs are terrible here. Please continue to patrol. Thank you, officers, you are doing a great job."

Talladega coverage

"What's the deal with the sports writers? Talladega is this weekend and there is nothing in the paper about it. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in America and our paper had rather advertise roly-poly races than let people know what is going on with NASCAR."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Times-Enterprise had a Talladega story on Page 2B in Saturday's edition and a full page (6B) about it on Sunday.

Can't always tell

"Some of us do not look like we are handicapped. We look perfectly healthy but you have to have a doctor's excuse to get a handicapped sticker. Since 1998, I've had $750,000 worth of surgery to get that sticker -- so lay off. If we've got a handicapped sticker, we need it. You can't always look at someone. You don't always need a wheelchair or crutches."

Get back to it

"Please, Conrad Engel, get back to your stories that made me smile instead of the political bologna. Your whining makes me sad."

Don't abuse it

"People with handicaps have good days and bad days, so be careful when you accuse someone of not needing their handicapped spot. People should not use someone else's handicapped tag."


"In response to the handicap stickers, just because you cannot see the disability does not mean the person is not handicapped. I am a disabled veteran and I am entitled to a handicap tag, but I do not always use it. I have had two strokes and have a bad heart. If I feel I can walk that day I leave the spaces for someone else."

Great show

"Thomas County Central Middle School Choir did a great presentation. You can see the dedication the teachers have with these children. Thank you for the fun time."

Golf, residential lots

"Instead of developing the property near the airport into a industrial park, why wouldn't the city develop the land around the golf course to be sold as residential lots? Thomasville and Thomas County are growing and we need more housing within five to six miles of town."

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