“I see Mike Bobo is back to his running the ball on fourth and six. Mr. Richt, I am glad you are winning, but can we please remember that we need to score points so that we can move up into the standings and go to a better bowl? Mike Bobo’s got to go.”

“Thanks a lot, Flowery Branch fans, for throwing cups, peanuts and peanut juice at the band Friday night. I hope that team y’all play next week drags your up and down the field. Thanks for the disrespect.”

“I’ve gone seven years without a raise. Times are tough all over.”

“Go, Rosemary Westling, go! Take you message throughout this country — North, South, East and West. May the winds of wealth and support be with you.”

“Condoleeza Rice needs to run for president. She is very intelligent on the issues and what is going on in the world. It wouldn’t matter which party she ran on. I like her.”

“To the ranter who says that Fox News Channel is a propaganda network: No, it is not. It just states the facts and you can’t handle it.”

“Newt Gingrich has more ‘bad baggage’ then any other Republican running for president, yet some of you wish to vote for this man. Talking about having Nixon days back again. Some of you out there need to learn the true facts. Please quit watching Fox News.”

“That was one more lousy performance by the Florida State Seminoles Saturday night. The referees did everything they could to give the game to them but they were too inept to take it. What a joke!”


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