“To all the Syrupmakers fans, the game Friday night is for the region championship. We need everyone we can to be there. We need to be loud and proud, giving them support."

“The Gator nation is not getting bigger and better after that beating on Saturday."

“Forget Tebow and those Gators. How 'bout them Dawgs!"

“Thank you to whoever left me a note on Monday at Garrison-Pilcher about my tire going flat. I was headed to work, which is 30 miles away. I appreciate it and thank you."

“Policemen and deputies here don't use their turn signals."

“Oh, them Dawgs are barking pretty loud. Don't bark too loud. You have beaten Florida only three times in 18 years.”

“To the person ranting about the trash on Dillon Road: If you don't like trash on your road, you should pick it up yourself. Take a little pride in your road.”

“Who let the Dawgs out? Likely the Georgia State Penitentiary. All joking aside, they came to play, or more to the point, the UF defense did not come to play.”

“Steve Clawson, the troupe misses you!”

“Georgia showed no class or sportsmanship in the win against Florida.”

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