“It’s great that Jimmy Layton appeared on TV, but why won’t he speak to the Times-Enterprise? Is he scared to answer real questions? He’s ducked the newspaper for years.”

“I think about Danny Howell every day. I would be more than happy to join a search team.”

“Kudos to the Thomasville Exchange Club. We really enjoyed the fair this year. The demolition derby and the midway were awesome. The new lights and the grounds in general have come a long way the last couple of years. Keep up the good work, guys. We're already looking forward to next year.”

“Isn’t it funny that we are reading about a Meigs drug bust soon after the drug squad is put on the burner. It seems to me the sheriff and his folks are scrambling to fix something.”

“By hiring such a high-powered law firm, it seems the hospital authority has something to hide. Who is on the hospital board and why do they think they are not accountable to the public when it is perfectly willing to use public money to help the hospital?”

“No, it sounds like the police chiefs busted their own bubbles because they are the ones who were hired to protect their towns. The drug squad is only for assistance.”

“I’m concerned about the railroad track on U.S. 19 by Seminole Wind. There is a bad hole in that road that needs to be fixed before somebody gets hurt of killed.”

“If Jimmy Layton has done such a great job in Meigs, why is our drug problem so bad? Is he scared to go down our streets?”

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