“Why don’t people in south Georgia, especially Thomasville, use their lights or turn signals?”

“If Jimmy Layton had been doing his job all these years, Meigs wouldn’t have the drug problem it’s got now.”

“County commissioners, please help us get control of the drug problem in Meigs. We are leaving it in your hands, not Meigs city officials.”

“I want to thank the Thomas County Central softball team and its new coach for a great season. We hope the best for our four seniors, and good luck to the other girls for next year.”

“I’m sick of the bickering in Meigs. We will never get anything done by calling names and pointing fingers. We should all take responsibility and work together.”

“Get the big drug dealers in Meigs, not the small ones. That’s what you need to do. You can’t pass through Meigs without somebody running up to your car.”

“Bobby Bowden said he would retire if he couldn’t win enough games. I’m a Seminole, and I want to know when he’s going to retire. The man needs to go.”

“The only thing Jimmy Layton’s TV appearance proves is that he’s a great actor. Time tells the tale, and he’s had 20 years to do something in Meigs. ”

“Dwain Walden’s Sunday column cracked me up. Not only did I chuckle all morning, I cut it out to send to a friend of mine who is doing time. Keep up the good work, Dwain. You are a funny guy.”

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