This summer may wind up being called "The Age of Enlightenment.” It was and is a time when ordinary Americans from all walks of life decided to get involved in a unique American experiment, and that is getting together with others to advocate for a cause without being forced to do so.

“America needs you” seems to be a recurring theme in the thousands of tea party town hall meetings being held throughout the land.

The underbelly of two national legislative bodies in Washington has been exposed — exposed for not paying attention to their duty of governing a populace that is tired of big spenders who know not what they are voting for and not knowing the impact it was having on the psyche of the nation.

One of the most egregious actions of the current Congress is trying to pass a massive spending bill that not only could bankrupt the country, but which would take us down the road to socialism and, maybe, even fascism.

As a result of their actions thus far, a call for a complete rout at the polls next year will be in order.

Congress must take its job more seriously. To not write or read the bills it votes on is unconscionable.

One reform that could be put into place would be for each bill to be like a book. It should have a name that identifies the bill itself ,and then it should have an author.

Every person and every organization that has an input, either as a contributing writer or the main writer of the bill or any line or section or subsection, ought to be identified on the cover of the bill just like any regular book that is published for sale.

Glen Beck, the fiery TV host on Fox News, has revealed the name of Jeffrey Jones, co-founder of the Weather Underground who Beck says actually helped write the spending (stimulus) bill.

He also has fingered President Obama’s “green jobs czar,” Van Jones, as an avowed communist who founded the clandestine organization called STORM. Mark Lloyd, the “diversity czar” within the FCC, is promoting the Fairness Doctrine, and John Holdren, who is the “behavior czar,” believes the right to have two or three children is not called for in the Constitution.

Beck has devoted a lot of research into the foregoing allegations of those mentioned and believes they are undermining the fabric of our government inasmuch as these so-called czars, for the most part, are not subject to any scrutiny or confirmation but have powerful roles in advising the President and Congress.

Pollster Pat Cadell, who served in the Jimmy Carter cabinet, thinks the Democrat Party he claims to be a part of is being sabotaged by operatives within the Obama administration.

I think Americans have an obligation to check out these allegations being made by Beck and Caudell and, if necessary, have these people reveal their true role, if any, in the casting of legislation and regulations.

The names, faces and alleged statements that each of these czars have made need to be validated and, if they are true, immediate dismissal should be demanded.

As we have indicated in this message and others, the ship of state, so to speak, is traveling through new and uncharted waters and each American needs to listen up and in his or her own way become involved in what our government is all about.

Students of history know and understand when a country’s leadership does not lead uncertain things can and do happen.

I believe we are at one of those points in history in this nation and I fear for what might and could happen if ordinary people who have the power to correct and improve the situation do not stand up and be heard.

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