Dear Disney,


From the first time 

I met you 

You showed me how to be myself 

From the first time I visited you 

For all the times we’ve been to you as a family 

For all the times you showed love to anyone 

To all the times I would watch your movies,


You helped me through the good and bad. 

For all the times I remember all your songs 

For all the shirts that I have to wear to you

You will never know how much I love you.


I have known you since I was a baby. 

If I had to choose between you and sea world 

I would choose you 

You gave me a good imagination


I have all of your movies. 

You put me back together. 

You gave me the joy to do pageants 

You made me happy.


You have brought joy to me. 

You are always happy. 

There’s never hate where you are. 

Your castles have always been there.


You have always been nice to others. 

Even though your “ears” are a lot of money 

You have weddings and birthdays... 

4000 weddings with you

Even though you are 3 hours and 46 minutes away from me, 

you seem closer. 

Your workers have always brought joy to others 

And on birthdays you make sure they feel special


Mickey, Minnie, Goofy... 

And we can’t forget Pluto 

Running around to say “Hi.” 

They always bring joy to little ones eyes


Your lines may be long, 

But you’re worth the wait. 

Never change! 

You make everyone’s day. 



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