THOMASVILLE — One of Thomasville High School’s former football players has proven to have a gentle soul.

A man who was part of the 1974 Thomasville football team that won a national championship, Lamb Andrews, 50, is more concerned these days about winning people to the Lord.

“I was called to minister when I was in Ottawa,” said Andrews, who was a linebacker and running back at Fort Valley State, before playing in the Canadian Football League with the Ottawa Rough Riders. “Before I left United States, me and my dad were sitting on the backporch and I told him ....‘I still feel as though the Lord is calling me to preach’. Once I got over there it got very severe that the Lord is calling me to preach.

“I got ready to hit a guy and the spirit of the Lord spoke to me, ‘Don’t you hit him like that, you’ll hurt him. How can you love him and hit him with that type of intention.’ He said, ‘I want you to love them, I don’t want you to hurt them no more now.’ I said, ‘Well it’s just a game.’ He said, ‘No, it was a game in high school, it was a game in college, now it’s a way of life.’”

Andrews has served as pastor of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Macon for the past 11 years.

“He’s a real, dedicated guy,” said Roosevelt. “If I had to have somebody pray for me, it would be him.

“At whatever he did, he did with his heart.”

Though Lamb’s faith is firmly planted in the Lord, he admits there are moments of insecurity every Sunday morning.

“Everytime you stand to speak before a crowd of people, you have a sense of nervousness, and especially when you’re going to stand and teach and preach the word of God, it’s extra cautious there,” Lamb said. “You have to be extra careful because the message has to be right to benefit the people.”

Andrews grew up going to church, recalling memories of walking hand-in-hand to church with his siblings when he was younger.

“Of course you have to make that decision to serve the Lord for yourself once you get older, but we were brought up in the church,” said Andrews, who’s been married to Geneva Andrews for 14 years and has three children, Cedric, 28, Mikesha, 27, and Lamb IV, 13. His name is even symbolic of his faithful love to the Lord.

“Since I’ve been living for the Lord and have been converted, that name’s been very handy and meaningful to me. Now, I begin to understand why they named me Lamb,” Andrews said.

Thomasville High School fans will remember Andrews as being one of the strongest members of the Bulldogs team during his era — he had to be. Going up against future NFL running back and cousin, William Andrews, every day in practice, made Lamb tough and helped better prepare him for Friday nights.

“That was a task,” Lamb said. “He was one of the guys that was really tough, strong and big. It was just kind of rough to handle him.

“He caught me one time and knocked me down on one knee. I didn’t know it was William and looked around and said, ‘That was William.’ Of course we’re cousins, and I was like, ‘My cousin didn’t hit me like that did he?’ That was him. I vowed to get him back, and I got a chance to hit him back and ripped off one of my nails hitting him.”

Lamb made the state all-star team his senior year in 1975.

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