Barry Bonds has hit more than 700 home runs in his 20 major league seasons.

But his illustrious career may have taken the biggest hit Tuesday when allegations of steroid use continued to swirl around the San Francisco Giants outfielder.

As reported on, a book is being released March 27 detailing Bonds’ steroid use, which allegedly dates back to 1998.

The authors were reporters who had first-hand knowledge of the BALCO scandal that linked Bonds and steroids.

According to the book, “Game of Shadows,” Bonds was jealous at the attention Mark McGwire was receiving when he broke the single season home run record. How jealous would Hank Aaron be if Bonds ended up breaking his career home run mark and later it was proven Bonds took steroids to boost his power? Aaron never took steroids.

What would his final total had been if he was provided extra power?

Bonds is only 47 home runs shy of Aaron’s record and only six away from tying Babe Ruth for second all-time.

Pete Rose hasn’t been allowed into the Hall of Fame because he bet on baseball.

Bonds should be held to the same standard since steroids are illegal.

It is also becoming clear that he has lied all along about the steroid allegations that have haunted him for several years.

Bonds has been able to sidestep the steroids issue for too long.

His image has already been tarnished. Hopefully, his records will soon be as well — at least before he gets closer to Hammerin’ Hank’s 755.

Bonds has always been known as a five-tool player with the ability to hit for average and power, to steal bases and play tremendous defense. He also owns a strong throwing arm.

Perhaps, Bonds possesses a sixth tool — an ability to deceive fans and baseball experts.

We call it lying.

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