Today when March Madness kicks off, hopefully the big-wigs at the Bowl Championship Series and college football in general are paying attention and pondering what could be.

Just imagine if college football had a tournament and what it could do for the sport. Of course it won't be 64 teams like the basketball tournament because nobody would want to watch Miami humiliate the No. 16 seeded Louisiana-Lafayette 70-3. But if they took the top 16 teams like they do in Division 1-AA, Division 2 and Division 3, it would be exciting and for the first time in history there would be a true national championship. With the debacle of the BCS last year, this playoff might not be too far off. Look at last season.

Take the champions from the six BCS conferences and give them an automatic bid to the tourney, which would have been LSU, Miami, Florida State, Michigan, USC and Kansas State.

Next, there should be a stipulation that if a conference champion from a non-BCS conference is ranked in the top 16, it also gets an automatic bid. Miami of Ohio and Boise State would've been guaranteed a bid under that scenario, which would give the NCAA football tournament eight teams.

The final eight teams would then be selected by a commitee, which could be made up of highly regarded former coaches and analysts from all parts of the country.

Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas, Washington State and Purdue are an example of what the rest of the field could've looked like.

This is where it gets fun. Once the field is set, take the top eight seeds and let them host a first-round home game. Home games equal money for the schools and we all know how much they like money. After the first round, the rest of the tournament could be played at other bowl sites. For example the quarterfinals could be held at three of the middle-tier bowl sites such as the Citrus, Outback and Cotton Bowls. The fourth quarterfinal game would feature one of the BCS bowls, since there is four BCS bowls and only three games left after the quarterfinals. This would set up the four BCS bowls to host either a semi-final or the championship game three out of four years.

As much as I loved watching little Valparaiso upset Mississippi State in the tournament a few years back, it couldn't compare to if Miami of Ohio goes into Doak Walker Stadium and knocks off Florida State to advance to the Outback Bowl to face Tennessee. Or watching Boise State make an improbable run to the final four.

This tournament would put an end to all the computer nerds in places like Seattle, New York and Los Angeles like Jeff Sagarin telling college football fans who the top two teams are. Some of these nerds couldn't tell a football from a soccer ball, but can somehow formulate a computer program using the standard deviation of third-down passing yards, or the correlation between first downs and number of times the head cheerleader screams 'Go team' to figure who the best team is.

I don't know if that's the formula these guys use, but I'm probably pretty close and a tournament beats that.

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