The Atlanta Braves are becoming to baseball what Susan Lucci was to the Emmy Awards. They keep making it to the big stage only to come up short in the end.

In the 1991 World Series, Charlie Leibrandt served up a game-winning home run to Kirby Puckett in Game 6. Then, Lonnie Smith's inability to run the bases cost the Braves in Game 7.

In the 1996 World Series, the Braves were up two games to none over the New York Yankees before collapsing in four straight.

The latest debacle came early Sunday evening.

A game that should have ended Sunday afternoon was prolonged a couple of hours because of the Braves' atrocious bullpen.

And it's because of that absurdly bad bullpen that the Braves lost in the first round of the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

Much like Bobby Cox's decision to insert Leibrandt into the 1991 game, I question why Joey Devine, the poor soul who surrendered the game-winning home run in the 18th inning, was even on the postseason roster. He had only been in five games this year, posting a robust 12.60 ERA, giving up two grand slams in those five appearances.

Cox made several questionable postseason moves involving the worst bullpen the Braves have sported in their 14-year run.

Why was Chris Reitsma on the roster, too? He was obviously the Braves' weakest link in an already feeble bullpen.

In 76 appearances during the regular season, Reitsma was scored upon 15 times and finished with nine blown saves.

Oh, and don't forget that Reitsma practically blew games one and three as well. It seems every time he's in the game, the Braves' chances of winning are reduced -- meaning, it's almost guaranteed he's going to allow a run. It's a lock he's going to allow a base runner.

My only surprise with Reitsma was that he didn't blow Sunday's game before Devine.

Why wasn't Kyle Davies put on the roster? Although he is a future starter for the Braves, he would've given Atlanta stability in the bullpen.

Oh, and Bobby, why put guys on your roster if you're not going to use them?

Why wasn't John Thomson used before Sunday and why wasn't Horacio Ramirez used at all?

Thomson pitched well for a couple of innings he was in the game.

The Braves didn't deserve to win this series going in, and their performance on the field only solidified those sentiments.

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