From time to time, life gets so busy and crazy that we forget the little truths that we hold self-evident in our own existences.

For example, not unlike our good pals over in Cairo, we must always remember that the mighty Bulldogs of Thomasville are almost always clearly at their best when nobody in their right mind -- even a sportswriter, who can't BE in his right mind, by definition -- figures they have a snowball's chance in Hades of victory.

Considering that to Colquitt County, getting a first down seems a bit like trying to climb Mount Everest in your skivvies, I should have remembered that the David and Goliath story always plays big at THS, where they generally feel that everybody's out to get them.

Which, considering their rich and enduring football history, probably was true.

n Thomasville at Pelham:

Tommy Welch said this week that you always have fear before a game. Maybe that your wife doesn't get a good seat or that your daughters won't get back from the concession stand in time to see your touchdowns or whatever. There is no reason to fear anything but boredom in poor old Pelham. Because he's a nice guy and by nature, as cautious as a warden, Welch may play it closer to the vest than he needs to. But the 'Dogs can win by 50 if they want to.


n Worth County at Thomas County Central :

It seems apparent that this Thomas County Central team , sort of stuck on 35 points per game (except for a 56-points blitz against THS), will only play as hard or as well as it needs to. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since it'll very likely be playing until about Christmastime. But it does get the coach's dander up. Which can make for some loud and long practice sessions.

I think Worth is much improved, but there was nowhere else for that program to go after last season's 52-0 wipeout. If TCC isn't particularly motivated, this might be close.


n Westwood at Brookwood: There is no particular single reason that the Brookwood Warriors can't find a way to win these close games other than the Jimmy Walker Comedy Curse. Bad timing. Whether it's collecting stupid penalties at the worst possible time or fumbling at the end of a great play or missing an easily deflected pass, Brookwood has about exhausted all the possibilities. Which means now, maybe, they can start finding ways to win.




(as usual)

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