The Thomasville Bulldogs fell short against the Carver Panthers in the quarterfinals of the playoffs 28-23. 

The Bulldogs won the coin toss and deferred to get the ball in the second half of the game. 

On the Panthers' offensive possession, the Bulldogs' defense came out physical and looked to set the tone early. The Bulldogs forced the Panthers into a 4th & 3, which led to a delay of game for the Panthers' offense, forcing the Panthers to punt the ball. 

On the Bulldogs' first possession, the Panthers defense wouldn’t allow the Bulldogs' offense to get anything going. Thomasville’s offense was forced to a three & out. 

The Panthers' offense came onto the field looking to get something going for their team. On the Panthers' next possession, quarterback Bryce Bowens threw a backward pass, which led to a fumble recovery by the Bulldogs' defense, giving the Bulldogs a short field. 

The Bulldogs' rushing game was led by Jay Randall. Randall gained positive yardage every time they gave him the ball. Randall scored on 1-yard drive to give the Bulldogs an early 6-0 lead. 

Throughout the first quarter, Carver struggled to get anything going offensively, and the Bulldogs had a 6-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. 

In the second quarter of the game, the Bulldogs' defense stayed firm against the Panthers' offense after a 4th & 2 attempt, which the Panthers failed to get. 

On the Bulldogs' next drive, Randall exploded through the Panthers' defense for a 90-plus-yard touchdown. The Bulldogs took a 13-0 lead and were in a position to take control of the game. 

The turning point happened midway through the second quarter of the game when Thomasville fumbled the ball in the endzone, and the Panthers recovered the ball, giving them life. The Panthers decided to go for a two-point conversion which was successful. 

Within a blink of an eye, the score was 13-8, and the Panthers had a little momentum they could build on. Carver’s defense needed a stop to help swing the momentum more in their favor. 

The Bulldogs' offense was moving the ball down the field and looking to improve more of their lead when, quarterback Camren Hill threw an interception. 

The Panthers were in a good position to tie the game up going into the half. Zyee’k Mender broke a tackle, which would end up being a touchdown for the Panthers. The Panthers were successful in going for another two-point conversion. 

The score was 16-13 with the Panthers leading. 

Going into the third quarter, the Bulldogs knew what they needed to do to win the game in the second half. 

The Bulldogs came out on their first possession of the third quarter, and Hill threw his second interception of the game giving the ball back to the Panthers. 

The Panthers capitalized off the turnover, because Shoun Bilal ran for a 20-yard touchdown to go up 22-13. 

The Panthers' defense had raised their level of play in the third quarter of the game. The Bulldogs couldn’t get anything going offensively. The Bulldogs' defense matched their physicality and held off the Panthers' offense to score any points. 

Later in the third quarter, the Bulldogs' defense managed to get a safety to make the deficit 22-15. The Bulldogs' offense had the opportunity to even the score with a touchdown. 

The Bulldogs' offense failed to get anything going, and they punted the ball back to the Panthers. Both teams struggled to get anything going offensively for the remainder of the third quarter. 

With everything on the line in the fourth quarter, the Panthers quarterback Bryce Bowens ran a 45-yard touchdown off a quarterback keeper run to go up 28-15 in the fourth quarter

The Bulldogs' time was running out, and they needed to get something going as soon as possible. 

The offense for the Bulldogs was still not generating any points, so the Panthers got the ball back and had the chance to end the game with a touchdown. 

Thomasville managed to get another safety to cut the deficit 28-17. The Bulldogs got the ball back with good field position midway in the fourth quarter. 

The Bulldogs finally got something going with their passing and rushing game. The Bulldogs moved the ball down the field, and Anthony Anderson scored a touchdown making the score 28-23. 

The Panthers got the ball looking to score and put the game out of reach for the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs needed a stop and to get their offense back on the field in order to rally a game-winning drive. 

The Bulldogs' defense stopped the Panthers and forced a three & out giving the ball back to Thomasville’s offense. 

Thomasville got the ball and their offense was moving down the field with under a minute left in the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs got the ball down to the 16-yard line, and they were in a 4th down situation where they had to convert to keep the drive alive. Unfortunately, the play was unsuccessful for the Bulldogs. 

The Panthers came on the road and won the game 28-23. 

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