THOMASVILLE -- There were glimpses and flashes for Brookwood on Friday night. Glimpses of what the Warriors can become and flashes of a team that can play with anyone in the state.

Like when Brookwood's offense took the field with 10:26 left in third quarter Friday night and did not leave until five seconds were gone in the fourth. Or a similar drive that overapped the first and second quarters. In slowly pounding at the Deerfield-Windsor defense, the Warriors wore down the larger Knights. However outside of those displays in Brookwood's 54-28 defeat, the Warriors also showed the miscues that have caused the team's 0-4 start.

"They played well at times, but on either side of the ball it's about consistency," Brookwood coach Shane Boggs said. "This isn't baseball where you've got two strikes and then the third one you know. Those first two strikes can kill you or that third one can kill you."

The Warriors were called by the first couple strikes Friday, turning the ball over on their first three possessions. They fumbled eight times total, losing five.

"I always tell our guys, 'I can handle that (turnovers) if you respond by playing as hard as you can and they did," Boggs said.

"I'm proud of the response from our team, but it's still about consistency. And we're correcting mistakes. Again this wasn't an average team that we just played. I think we continue to get better and hopefully we'll start seeing some results."

Brookwood did see positive results when holding onto the football. The Warriors rushed for 230 yards on 52 carries and pounded the Knights on the 10:30 minute drive in the second half behind running backs Ben Hopkins and Ethan Howell.

"I can honestly tell you, they didn't do anything a whole lot different and we didn't," Boggs said. "The difference for us was we didn't fumble the football and we didn't miss blocks."

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