THOMASVILLE — The Brookwood Warriors see the value in competing in 7-on-7 tournaments this summer. That's why they've signed up for multiple events, including this week at Charleston Southern and South Carolina.

Brookwood coach Shane Boggs talked about the importance of these passing leagues which will help prepare his offensive skilled players and defensive back seven.

“It's unbelievable conditioning. It's probably the best conditioning we could have, not just physically but also mentally. But then you just work timing and spacing. On the defensive side you're reading keys and all that kind of stuff,” Boggs said. “Above all it's competition. A lot of times we're going against some teams that we wouldn't get an opportunity to compete against. You're trying to compete against really great people so that when you get back to your own region, then maybe the game slows down a little bit. 

“Over the years, we've thrown against all kinds of people, from Parkview to LaGrange to Valdosta and Lowndes; you name it. It's been great work. I'm sure we'll see some of those people again.”

Brookwood competed at Florida State University on June 8 before traveling to University of Central Florida on June 9. 

“It's 7-on-7 heavy in June just because that's when all of the colleges are hosting their stuff,” Boggs said.

It will also travel to Kennesaw State University on July 14, while also hosting multiple passing leagues with local schools.

“I think it's important to go against opponents as often as you can,” Boggs said. “If you're not careful you can get into a rut if you're going against yourself all the time. It's great to get out there and get stretched by someone else.”

Brookwood will open the '22 season with a home game against Frederica Academy on August 19.

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