Multiple positions are still up for grabs for the Brookwood Warriors as they prepare for Saturday night's scrimmage against Glenwood School (Ala.) in Montgomery, Ala. One of the more prominent spots still available is at starting quarterback.

According to coach Shane Boggs, three players are vying for the position, including junior Marcus West, senior Mac Brandon and junior Dallas Forsythe. Just a few days before the Warriors travel for their preseason scrimmage, Boggs said the quarterback battle is “wide open.”

“We've had three guys take snaps in the No. 1 spot the last seven days. It's going to be an interesting process,” Boggs said. “As of right now, we're preparing packages (for the scrimmage) for at least two. It really kind of depends on how the game goes.

“All three of them are going to start somewhere.”

West and Forsythe have been in the Warriors program, while Brandon is a transfer from Dallas, Texas. 

“What I've looked at is from the perspective that they all have different skill sets. They are definitely making each other better,” Boggs said. “I'm sure it won't take too long for us to figure out who it's going to be.”

Boggs prefers to name a starter soon instead of utilizing a rotational system, though that could be the case early in the season. Boggs has experience with a two-quarterback system, as he utilized one at Taylor County en route to an 11-1 record. However, he said it is “not an ideal situation.”

Quarterback is just one position where the Warriors are still uncertain who the starter will be when the regular season starts in two weeks. Boggs confirmed that three or four starting spots are still available on offense and defense. 

“I think you're always anxious to see what it looks like against somebody else's No. 1s,” Boggs said. “We've gotten better on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game. It'll be really fun to get out there on Saturday night and put it all together.”

Though the Warriors only have 30 players on the roster this year, Boggs believes the quality more than makes up for what his team lacks in quantity.

“It's a great opportunity for quite a few of our guys to win a job. It's good to have competition,” he said. “Our roster numbers are actually pretty low but I feel like we have more guys competing for jobs than you would expect on a roster with 30 kids.”