THOMASVILLE — Four weeks into the season, the Thomasville Bulldogs have already stamped their claim as a team to beat in Class AA. They just proved they could compete against three of the top teams in 1-AAAA (Thomas County Central, Cairo and Bainbridge). 

Add in their season-opening win against Brooks County and Thomasville is the top 'dog along its area of Highway 84.

“We keep referring to this season as that storybook type deal,” head coach Zach Grage said. “Each week is a chapter. We're still trying to focus on the 1-0. Something special has happened in each game, and each game has been won in kind of a different way with different people stepping up.”

Thomasville stepped up in its latest non-region victory; a 28-10 wipeout of Bainbridge last Friday night. It catapulted the Bulldogs to 4-0, the team's first 4-0 start since 2017 when it started the season 12-0.

“Even in 2017 when we started out that season 12-0, it still didn't have the same flare on it at the beginning of that season. We had Worth County, we had Monroe. We didn't play Brooks until later in the year because they were still in our region,” Grage said. “Just the way it's worked out right now, it's been really awesome.”

The caliber of competition was much tougher this year when compared to 2017. 

“I think Brooks can write their ticket to Atlanta and see what happens when they get there,” Grage said. “I think with Central, Cairo and Bainbridge, everybody's asked, 'Coach, who's going to win that?' I said, 'Man, I don't know.' I think one of them has the most talent. I think one of them is the most physical. I think one of them has the best skilled players. I don't really see either of the three of them losing another game until they beat up on each other.

“We were able to compete and win against four really good teams.”

The challenging slate continues this week for the Bulldogs, who must travel to Oconee County on Friday. The Warriors are 3-0 after advancing to the Class AAA championship game last season.

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