THOMASVILLE — The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) had to clarify on Monday what “no scrimmaging” meant as part of its Coronavirus Guidance Plan.

The GHSA loosened some of the restrictions it placed on member schools when it first allowed teams to reconvene on June 8 for summer workouts. Last week, the GHSA notified member schools that they could increase the number of players in each groups to 50 and implement balls and other sports specific equipment into the workouts. But teams are not allowed to scrimmage.

However, the GHSA had to issue a clarification on Monday about what “no scrimmaging” entailed.

On the GHSA website, it said:

It is defined as:

1) No one-on-one, NO two-on-two, etc.... in any sport.

2) No seven-on-seven in football.

3) No live batting practice that has a catcher and hitter within six feet of each other.

4) No conditioning/activity that does not allow for “Social Distancing.”

“Remember that ‘Social Distancing’ is still in place and should be strictly followed at all times.”

This is the third week teams will participate in summer workouts. Next week, June 29-July 3, is designated as “dead week.” Teams will return on July 6.

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