THOMASVILLE — The Thomas University women’s golf program is currently little more than a vision.

That vision, though, has attracted plenty of attention and Night Hawks coach Ena Parrott is eager to start building the program.

TU announced in October that it would start women’s golf next August and since that time Parrott has been laying the foundation for the first team.

“I don’t think there is a challenge,” Parrott said. “It will be fun.”

The fun has included drawing in the first recruiting class for women’s golf in the area and Parrott was surprised by the interest.

To get a start for recruiting, Parrott said she called the PGA office in Atlanta to find information on players in the state. The phone call would soon be unnecessary once word spread of the Night Hawks’ new program. The first-time coach admitted to being shocked by the draw of the program.

“It was more than what I expected,” Parrott said. “I thought it may be hard to find girls from outside the area, but we’ve got two from out of state.”

The frenzied reaction has even led TU to consider adding another team for next year, Parrott said.

Parrott’s first recruiting class will be take shape when TU announces its signees on Jan. 7. Parrott said there are currently six signees, although she is still on the trail of an additional player.

“We had probably 20 phone calls from people interested,” Parrott said, adding that the high-interest level has been a boon for her first recruiting class. “We had people call that I never heard of.”

Parrott is excited to see how the interest strengthens the team. One thing is certain, the strength of the Night Hawks’ first class will lead to competitiveness within the program, according to Parrott.

With only five golfers needed to field a team in a meet under NAIA rules, the Night Hawks are left with at least one extra on the sideline per meet. Parrott hopes that leads to heated practice competitions for the spots.

Parrott, the former assistant professional at Glen Arven Country Club, won’t begin coaching until next fall arrives. However, she is also eager for that opportunity.

“It’s something I always wanted,” she said. “I’ve got a couple girls and I didn’t want to start until they were in school and now I’m ready to start. It was just a benefit that Thomas University was looking for a coach.”

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