THOMASVILLE -- It's the bread-and-butter of the Thomasville Bulldogs offense -- a power running game.

For the last six quarters, the Bulldogs have worked it to perfection.

In the second half against Dooly County two weeks ago, the Bulldogs pounded the Bobcats defense en route to 302 rushing yards.

Last week against the Colquitt County Packers, the Bulldogs ran for only 149 yards but had two drives that consumed more than eight minutes a piece.

Though his team controlled the Packers defensive front line, head coach Tommy Welch wasn't expecting that kind of dominance.

"I don't think you ever go into a game like that thinking that's going to happen," Welch said. "You just don't anticipate you're going to do something like that. You're a little bit surprised. That's the way it played out that night.

"We felt like the way our kids were practicing and competing, we definitely thought we had a chance to win."

Thomasville has had 81 rushing attempts the past two weeks compared to just 18 pass attempts thrown by quarterback Clay Hodges. Welch, however, contended the offensive game plan is not to just run the ball all the time. For Welch's Bulldogs to be successful, they'll have to be on target with their passing game.

"I don't think you can do just one thing," Welch said. "I really don't. The other night it worked out that we were able to run the ball.

"We do want to run the football, but we're not going to go into every game saying we're going to run this many times and throw it this many times. That's just kind of the way it worked out that night."

"I felt like we could run the ball. I felt like heading into that game we could run the ball against Dooly.

"I didn't know we'd be able to run the ball that much against Colquitt.

"The best thing about that is, you're running the clock and keeping their offense off the field if you're able to do that.

Thomasville was without the services of running back Bobby Cherry much of last week's game with an injury.

"He's a little gimpy with his ankle. I think he'll be all right," Welch said.

The Bulldogs still have fullback Ricky Walker and tailback Martin Moore to look to for action on the ground. The two have combined for 702 yards through Thomasville's five games so far with Pelham ahead this week.

"The backs ran tough," Welch said.

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