THOMASVILLE -- In a season of plenty, this was even more than anybody could have expected.

Not one. Not two. But three members of the Thomas County Central backfield joined the exclusive 1,000-yard club after last Friday night's 24-14 victory over Thomson.

"It's the first time we've done that," Thomas County Central head coach Ed Pilcher said. "We've had it close before."

But never three backs at once.

After a 12-game season, Moses Cochran leads the way with 1,147 yards. Erik Walden is next with 1,062 with David Dawson at 1,015.

Dawson, held to just 25 yards last week, had led the team through most of the regular season.

But Pilcher hasn't talked about it.

"We're not making light of it," he said. "It's great. But we don't want to get caught up in individual recognition at this time of year. Those three guys would be the first to tell you that they wouldn't have been able to make a lot of those runs without the hard work of the guys up front."

Facing a M.L. King team that prefers the run, Friday night might resemble a football game from 1940. All runs.

"We've run the ball well this year," Pilcher said. "No question. Don't forget, Phillip Prather has had over 400 yards."

A year ago, both Walden and Cochran gained over 1,000 yards with Dawson next at around 700.

"I think the last time we'd had two before last year was when we had Joe Burns and Smokey Robinson. The only other time I can think of was when I was at Early County and I had it twice."

The last opposing team Pilcher could remember having 3 1,000-yard rushers was a familiar name.

"Thomson, last year," he said. "They had three. Maybe that's a good sign."

yeah...we've had two.. last two Joe Burns and Smokey Robinson...Smokey may have been 995 right at it...that'd be the last two here..Only other time there Early Coujty had it twice...


Thomson three of them last year... over 1000,. QB RB..three of them...


We've run the ball well of coyurse...Prather over start....

Garland about 500 or so.....


pretty good practice yesterday good one today..mind on what we've got to do...

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