THOMASVILLE -- Thomasville High School recognized its 1973 and 1988 state championship teams during halftime of Friday night's game.

The two teams each went undefeated in their title run, the '73 team went 13-0 and the '88 team finished 15-0.

It was an exciting time for both teams as players reminisced before the game, as they watched film from their days on the field.

What did those championship seasons mean to the players?

"Everything, aint' nothing like your senior year in high school," Mark Futch, a member of the '88 team said. "It got to my heart. We finally won a championship since 1974.

"It felt good. It was a long time and I still think about it," Jerome Williams, who caught the winning touchdown against Stephens County in the championship game in '88, said.

Chad Brown was part of the '88 squad, before playing pro ball for the Cardinals. Like everyone else, that time will live with Brown for the rest of his life.

"It was one of the best experiences I ever had in my lifetime," Brown said. "To have that type of bond with people you grew up with in middle school and then you go to high school and do something like that, to go 15-0, I never experienced the camaraderie I felt since playing football."

As for the '74 team, the Bulldogs were known for William Andrews and defense. Andrews powered the Bulldogs' offensive attack, while the defense allowed only 13 points in the regular season and pitched nine shutouts in the entire season.

"We had an awesome defensive line," former defensive back Don Fiveash said. "They never got through the line, and I never got to make a tackle."

"We had a great football team," former split end Clay Campbell said. "We had good guys, and we dominated the region then.

"It was a running team. Our job was to get the safety out of the way so William Andrews could run through them."

As far as what memories stand out the most from those years, a couple of big games jump to mind.

"When we had to play Central twice that year," Williams said.

"We beat them the first time by a lot, and we turned around during the playoffs and beat them again by a lot. That was a good moment, we beating them twice in one year."

"First game when we played Valdosta over here and beat them 6-0," Fiveash said.

"They almost scored several times. That was a heck of a game."

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