THOMASVILLE — Brookwood’s postseason plans hinge on its success Monday night.

Along with SGA and Valwood, Brookwood will participate in a three-team GISA Region 3-AA playoff at Tiftarea to determine the two teams that will advance to the state playoffs.

“I think for the fans, it’s probably a pretty cool experience,” said Brookwood coach Shane Boggs. “It’s probably even better if you were a neutral football fan.

“It’ll be trying for the coaches and players, I’m sure.”

The format of the playoff will be overtime rules.

Valwood will play SGA at 6 p.m. Brookwood will then play SGA, and the Warriors will play the Valiants after that.

In each matchup, teams will get one possession at the opposing team’s 25-yard line. If the game goes into a second overtime, teams will start at the 10-yard line. The two teams with the best records will advance to the state playoffs, which begin Friday. The region winner will host, while the loser will travel in the first round.

“We just feel fortunate to go play for the championship,” said Boggs, whose team beat SGA 21-6 Friday night. Brookwood has won two straight after a 28-21 loss to Valwood. “I’m proud of how we’ve played the last two weeks. I feel like if we play well, we’ll be ok. I’m certainly confident in what we’ve done the last two weeks, no question.”

With Brookwood not playing until the second game, the Warriors could have an advantage in watching the first matchup.

“I’m sure you could make a lot of arguments on which game would be the advantage,” said Boggs. “I certainly think whoever comes out of that first one with a win is gonna be, the pressure’s off of them. I do like the draw we got, so can’t complain there.”

Don’t expect the Warriors to do anything differently in this playoff-like atmosphere.

“I don’t know how much it affects play-calling. I think we’ll go about it like we would in a normal game,” said Boggs.

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